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Pump Station Flow Monitoring

Cost effective pump station flow monitoring of sludge
Pump Station Flow Monitoring



  • Our customer is an electric utilities company with more than 20 million electricity customers


  • The measuring site is the outlet of a pumping station from a brown coal quarry. This brown coal is used in the power plant to generate electricity
  • The water flowing through the pipe contains a high content of ochre increasing the risk for obstruction of the electrodes
  • The cost of installation of a full bore electromagnetic meter was too high (civil works, etc.). A ball valve was already in place
  • Installation had to be done without flow shutdown with velocities going up to 1,5 m/s
  • Pipe size is 1000 mm (39 inches)


  • Installation of an AVI-MAG in the existing ball valve without shutting down the flow. The AVI-MAG has been measuring without any signal loss and the electrodes didn’t get obstructed by the ochre
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