Drinking water flow monitoring

Installation & commissioning of a TORPEE-MAG in difficult installation location


Our customer produces and distributes drinking water to 24 municipalities (±600.000 inhabitants)
around Liège (Belgium). Water is collected inside tunnels that have been drilled inside rock since 1913.
The water line needing flow monitoring is the major pipe bringing water to the city.

Task definition

  • Installation & commissioning has to be done in existing pipe
  • Installation shall be quick and easy
  • Pipe size: 700 mm
  • Very accurate flowrate needed despite non-ideal installation location (downstream of 2 T-junctions and upstream of a butterfly valve)
  • Measurements are compared to a full bore electromagnetic flowmeter located upstream


  • Hot tap installation through shut-off saddle of one TORPEE-MAG 1,5” full pipe multipoint
    electromagnetic insertion flowmeter allowing installation without shutting down the flow
  • The TORPEE-MAG is connected to a stationary converter, the ML210, displaying all information on a LCD screen and transmitting the data via 4-20 mA to a web-enabled platform (123flow.com)
  • No calibration on site necessary


  • Data of the TORPEE-MAG is compared to an E+H full bore mag meter installed upstream
  • The deviation at higher flows is explained by water arriving from another pipe (cf. T-junction upstream)
  • The TORPEE-MAG shows outstanding performance considering the installation location

Data E+H magmeter compared to TORPEE-MAG