Drinking water flow monitoring

Installation & commissioning of a TORPEE-MAG with measurement compared to a reference flowmeter


Our customer collects water from water wells, fountains & springs and distributes this drinking water to ±2.000.000 inhabitants in a large area located in central Germany. Amongst the delivered cities are Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt.

Task definition

  • Installation & commissioning has to be done in existing pipe and valve without flow shutdown
  • Installation shall be quick and easy
  • Pipe size: 1000 mm
  • Very accurate flow rate needed
  • Measurements are compared to a full bore electromagnetic flowmeter located in the same waterline


  • Installation of a TORPEE-MAG 1,5” full pipe multi-point electromagnetic flowmeter allowing installation through a 2” ball valve without shutting down the flow
  • The TORPEE-MAG is connected to a stationary converter, the ML210, displaying all information on a LCD screen and transmitting the data via 4-20 mA to the SCADA system of the customer
  • No calibration on site necessary


  • The total duration for the installation and commissioning including tests for data transmission and cabling of the outputs was around 90 minutes

Measuring point

  • 4 m downstream of a 90° pipe elbow with diameter reduction


  • Sensor for a DN1000 pipe with 5 pairs of electrodes
  • Total sensor length is 1800mm

First values

  • Measuring data from TORPEE-MAG and full bore mag meter show very little differences
  • For the total test duration, the average difference between meters is 1,14%
  • The performance of the TORPEE-MAG is outstanding, taking in consideration that the sensor is installed close to a pipe elbow