Flow discharge monitoring

The airport from Zürich uses Flo-Sonic and a Hybrid flow meter systems to monitor its water discharges for environmental compliance

Zurich Airport has installed 2 flowmeter systems to fulfill its needs to measure the quantity of cleaned wastewater flowing into the Glatt and monitor the impact of its de-icing infrastructure on the environment. Zürich Airport installed one Flo-Sonic OCFM with 2 paths and one Hybrid flowmeter. The medium contaminated fraction of the de-icing sewage (40% of the water volume) is irrigated through a spray system on suitable grass land at the airport. The wastewater is cleaned through the infiltration process. The cleaned wastewater is led through the drainage system into the Glatt river. The Flo-Sonic OCFM and the Hybrid flowmeter systems are used to quantify the wastewater flowing from the drainage system into the Glatt river.