CSO monitoring with battery powered system

Flow monitoring of a CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) location with a battery powered system and remote data transmission

To comply with European regulations, wastewater flowing untreated from this CSO must be monitored in terms of quantity. The system must operate on battery and data must be sent to centralization system.

Task definition

  • No power available on site and battery life must be higher than 6 months
  • Estimate monthly overflows from CSOs into the environment
  • Channel most of the time dry and only filled with water on rain events
  • Data needs to be transmitted to a SCADA system


  • Installation of a BELUGA digital ultrasonic Doppler sensor in combination with a hydrostatic pressure level sensor (PLS-02)
  • Mounting bracket with “scissors jack” to avoid drilling in pipe walls
  • Connection of sensors to a battery operated logger (AYYEKA Wavelet 4) via RS485 Modbus with rechargeable external battery power pack
  • Flow is calculated inside the BELUGA flow sensor and data is transmitted by the logger by means of GPRS/3G/4G