Irrigation channel & water supply

Flow monitoring of the channel used for irrigation and water supply of nearby cities.

Regulatory-diversion channel of a dam: The dam was designed for water deviation into the Pai-Pol channel, irrigation of 65.000 hectares of land, supply of drinking water to nearby cities, regulation of downstream water and generation of 8 MW of hydro-electricity power.

Task definition

  • Measure the quantity of water flowing through the deviation channel of the dam
  • Large trapezoidal channel designed for a maximum capacity of 82 m³/s
  • Data must be sent remotely to the end user


  • Installation of a PHOENIX (non-contact radar sensor) over the open channel to monitor the flow combined with a ULS-06 ultrasonic level sensor. Installation height: 2 m above the bridge.
  • Installation of an IFQ Monitor with remote transmission to send data via GPRS/3G directly to the end user
  • Sensors have been covered with a sun shield