Billing network & Custody transfer

Flow monitoring to actually measure and bill based on actual flows put into agencies/utilities system


  • Water utility managing sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants where sewage water from different cities/villages are processed (custody transfer)
  • Network equipped with level only flow measurement solution (based on Manning equation)

Task definition

  • Need for precise and reliable measurements of the actual wastewater flow
  • Currently installed instrumentation is not providing accurate flow values: e.g. same type of measuring devices installed at the same channel (without inflow nor discharge) bringing huge flow differences
  • Objective: obtain correct wastewater flow values for billing
  • Partly filled circular pipe (DN800)
  • No flow shutdown possible, fragile pipe liner (no drilling possible)


  • Installation of a RAVEN-EYE® non-contact radar flowmeter combined with an ultrasonic level sensor (ULS-06)
  • Both sensors are combined to a PLC remotely connected (GPRS) to the SCADA system of the utility