Wastewater treatment plant inlet flow monitoring

Flow measurement in a large sewer pipe at the inlet of a large wastewater treatment plant


  • Water utility managing different wastewater treatment plants
  • The site to be measured is under the observation of the environment agency

Task definition

  • Allow precise flow measurements, even when the channel is surcharged, what regularly occurs
  • Conditions: high velocities with shallow flows, no flow shutdown possible
  • Measurement location: inlet of a wastewater treatment plant, before the raw grid (bar screens)
  • Installation has to be done without entering the manhole
  • Partly filled circular pipe (DN1500)


  • Installation of a RAVEN-EYE® flowmeter with an ultrasonic level sensor (ULS-06) combined with an electromagnetic velocity sensor EMV-500 for flow velocity measurement during surcharge conditions
  • Custom made rail mount
  • Monitoring: UNI-TRANS with patented hybrid flow measurement algorithms
  • Online platform 123flow.com to remotely view data and generate reports