Non-revenue water plan & monitoring

Accurate flow measurement to monitor water lines and leak detection


  • Our customer produces and distributes drinking water to approximatively 55.000 residents of the municipality of Elsinor (Denmark) over a territory of 125 km². At the same time, the company ensures that the Environmental Protection Agency requirements for water quality are observed.

Task definition

  • Measure drinking water flow at various strategic locations for automatic water network controlling (smart city water network) and detection of leaks (non-revenue water plan)
  • Pipe sizes from 160 mm to 800 mm
  • Very accurate flowrate needed (better than 0,5%)
  • No flow shutdown possible and sensors had to be inserted in 1 inch ball valves


  • Installation of several TORPEE-MAG 1” full pipe multi-point electromagnetic flowmeters allowing installation through 1” ball valves without shutting down the flow
  • The TORPEE-MAG is connected to a stationary converter displaying all information on a LCD screen and transmitting the data via 4-20 mA to the SCADA system of the customer
  • No calibration on site necessary