TORPEE-MAG on a fishing ship

Installation & commissioning of a TORPEE-MAG on a fishing ship


Our customer operates a fishing ship in the North Sea. They needed to measure the flow of water between tanks in a full pipe.

Task definition

  • Installation & commissioning has to be done by the customer with an engineering company
  • Installation shall be quick and easy
  • Pipe size: 350 mm
  • Very accurate flow rate needed
  • Other types of sensors can't be used (Transit-time was not accurate enough; Full-bore is too heavy and the space too limited for installation


  • Installation of a TORPEE-MAG 1,5” full pipe multi-point electromagnetic flowmeter using a saddle without shutting down the flow
  • The TORPEE-MAG is connected to a stationary converter, the TMC-20, displaying all information on a LCD screen 
  • No calibration on site necessary


  • Installation was done by the customer following the manual


  • Sensor for a DN350 pipe with 5 pairs of electrodes

First values

  • Measuring data from TORPEE-MAG is stable and accurate
  • The customer has placed an order for multiple additional sensors


Installation 2.jpg