Hydroelectric power plant inflow monitoring

Flow measurement in hydroelectric power plant intake structure

The dam of Fah gathers water from different small rivers in the area of Simplon in Switzerland. From there, the water enters a 3km partially filled channel (1,5 m W x 2,5 m H) leading to the hydroelectric power plant. The flow needs to be controlled permanently in order to verify and optimize the quantity of water entering the hydroelectric power plant. The water velocity can reach 2 m/s. This is the reason why very resistant stainless steel debris covers for the Flo-Sonic OCFM sensors as well as support brackets and the famous “Cobra” stainless steel cable covers have been installed.

Equipment installed:

  • Flo-Sonic OCFM ultrasonic transit-time velocity measurement (4 paths) combined with a radar level measurement
  • GPRS data transfer to view and download the measuring data online
  • Debris covers, “Cobra” cable covers and support brackets for a robust installation