Raven-Eye 2

Non-Contact Radar Flowmeter

The RAVEN-EYE® is the new non-contact RADAR area/velocity flowmeter for open channel flow measurements from Flow-Tronic. It combines state of the art non-contact measuring technology which measures flow from above the water surface with easy integration into existing SCADA or telemetry systems.

Radar area/velocity flow sensors have been in use for many years, so why is the RAVEN-EYE® so revolutionary? Using the latest design, development and production methods, has allowed Flow-Tronic to manufacture a high quality new generation radar sensor at a price that will make it your first choice for open channel and sewer flow measurement, but affordability is only one of the RAVEN-EYE®’s benefits.

The name was not chosen at random, like the bird, the RAVEN-EYE® has three key attributes: Intelligence, Adaptability, Survivability.

For more information: visit www.raven-eye.eu


  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable or stationary version available
  • Non-contact: the sensor is positioned above the water surface
  • Easy installation
  • Robust IP68 (PU) enclosure
  • Totally sealed sensor: no joints, seals or screws
  • Developed for field applications
  • Velocity distribution analysis & self-learning technology for average velocity calculation
  • For channels from 100 mm and upwards
  • Easy integration with SCADA, PLC or telemetry systems
  • Direct RS485 interface available (no monitor or converter necessary)
  • One 4-20 mA configurable output
  • Perfect solution for difficult flow conditions: high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, high velocities and large open channels
  • No maintenance
  • Auto-diagnostic system
Sewer/Channel Networks Monitoring
  • Large sewer channels
  • Capacity studies
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) studies
  • Inflow & infiltrations studies
  • High velocity flows
  • Discharge
Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Flow to treatment
  • Discharge
  • Plant effluent
  • Storm discharge
  • Process flow control
Industry & Hydropower
  • Plant effluent
  • Process waste water
  • Flows with high solid contents
Cooling water
  • Industrial compliance monitoring
  • Caustic & corrosive flows
Rivers, Channels & Irrigation
  • Storm water monitoring & compliance
  • Climate & hydraulic engineering
  • Storm water basins calculations
  • Permanent measurements of surface water

Capacity analysis

The Community of Maastricht uses Flow-Tronic non-contact flowmeters for capacity analysis of the sewage network

Real-time observations & alarming

The Regional Government of Brussels Capital through its Water Division, decided to install a wide network of flow monitoring stations for data collection, real-time observations & alarming.

Billing network & Custody transfer

Flow monitoring to actually measure and bill based on actual flows put into agencies/utilities system

Wastewater treatment plant inlet flow monitoring

Flow measurement in a large sewer pipe at the inlet of a large wastewater treatment plant

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