Non-Contact Radar Flowmeter ATEX Zone 1 Certified

The RAVEN-EYE® ATEX is the non-contact RADAR area/velocity flowmeter for open channel flow measurements from Flow-Tronic. It combines state of the art non-contact measuring technology which measures flow from above the water surface with easy integration into existing SCADA or telemetry systems. The sensor is intrinsically safe and can therefore be installed in a hazardous area (Zone 1).

Radar area/velocity flow sensors have been in use for many years, so why is the RAVEN-EYE® so revolutionary? Using the latest design, development and production methods, has allowed Flow-Tronic to manufacture a high quality radar sensor at a price that will make it your first choice for open channel and sewer flow measurement, but affordability is only one of the RAVEN-EYE®’s benefits.

The name was not chosen at random, like the bird, the RAVEN-EYE® has three key attributes: Intelligence, Adaptability, Survivability.

For more information: visit www.raven-eye.eu

  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable or stationary version available
  • Non-contact: the sensor is positioned above the water surface
  • ATEX certificate: Ex II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
  • Easy installation
  • Robust IP68 (PU) enclosure
  • Totally sealed sensor: no joints, seals or screws
  • Developed for field applications
  • Velocity distribution analysis & self-learning technology for average velocity calculation
  • For channels from 100 mm and upwards
  • Easy integration with SCADA, PLC or telemetry systems
  • Direct RS485 interface available (no monitor or converter necessary)
  • One 4-20 mA configurable output
  • Perfect solution for difficult flow conditions: high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, high velocities and large open channels
  • No maintenance
  • Auto-diagnostic system
Sewer/Channel Networks Monitoring
  • Large sewer channels
  • Capacity studies
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) studies
  • Inflow & infiltrations studies
  • High velocity flows
  • Discharge
Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Flow to treatment
  • Discharge
  • Plant effluent
  • Storm discharge
  • Process flow control
Industry & Hydropower
  • Plant effluent
  • Process waste water
  • Flows with high solid contents
  • Cooling water
  • Industrial compliance monitoring
  • Caustic & corrosive flows
Rivers, Channels & Irrigation
  • Storm water monitoring & compliance
  • Climate & hydraulic engineering
  • Storm water basins calculations
  • Permanent measurements of surface water

RAVEN-EYE ATEX - Technical Specifications - EN Rev 05-2016

Technical Specifications: RAVEN-EYE ATEX non-contact radar flow meter

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