Flo-Sonic OCFM

Ultrasonic Transit-Time Open Channel Flowmeter

The Flo-Sonic OCFM is a permanent measurement system for open channel applications using the ultrasonic transit time technology. It is designed to suit a large range of applications for clean to polluted water with very different flow conditions. The Flo-Sonic OCFM sensors are designed to be installed in channels and rivers with various shapes and dimensions with a maximum width of 15 meters for clean water applications.

The Flo-Sonic OCFM system consists of one or more Flo-Sonic ultrasonic speed processors associated to one Unitrans flow processor and monitor and two Flo-Sonic probes per path.

Very complex applications can be equipped with up to 16 measurement paths. The Flo-Sonic OCFM uses the very latest electronic technology combined with highly efficient digital signal processing (D.S.P.). The D.S.P. technique maximizes the system performance giving the user significant benefits.

Operation principle:

The Flo-Sonic measurement principle is based on detecting the transit time of ultrasonic signal between two sensors. The transit time with flow is shorter than the transit time against flow direction. The difference between these transit times is proportional the average flow velocity along the measurement path.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • High accuracy
  • User friendly operation
  • Automatic control of ultrasonic signal using the ESC mode (Echo Shape Control)
  • Automatic zero flow adjustment with "anti air bubble" signal processing
  • Robust, splashproof IP65 control unit enclosure
  • Compatible with 1MHz and 500 KHz probes
  • GPRS transmission combined with Unitrans flow monitor
  • ATEX certified sensors are available
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Permanent measurement of surface water such as rivers, channels, streams, etc.
  • Inflow & outflow of cooling water or circulation systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants: inflow, outflow, discharge and other
  • Irrigation systems
  • Industrial wastewater channels/networks
  • Industrial process flow measurements
  • Climate & hydraulic engineering, network balancing
  • Measurements on storm water basin
  • Many others possible, contact our experts for more information

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