Hybrid Flow Measuring System

The HYBRID SYSTEM is Flow-Tronic’s solution for continuous measuring in every flow condition. The combination of a RAVEN-EYE® with a BELUGA is the perfect mix of two different technologies.

The hybrid solution from FLOW-TRONIC combines a level sensor with a non-contact RADAR (RAVEN-EYE®) and an ultrasonic Doppler (BELUGA) for the velocity, all connected to a single converter.

When it is impossible to accurately and reliably measure the flow rate under every flow conditions, a hybrid system is required.

Generally the dry weather flow rates are perfectly measured by a RAVEN-EYE® and an ultrasonic level measurement.

However both non-contact ultrasonic level and radar velocity signals need an air to water interface, which they lose as soon as the channel is under surcharge conditions, meaning that the ultrasonic level and radar velocity signals disappear.

The BELUGA Area/Velocity Doppler flowmeter combined to a pressure level sensor can take the relay of the non-contact flow measurement solution when the site to be measured is under surcharge.

The use of wetted and non-contact sensors makes it a reliable and maintenance free system. The wetted sensor, i.e. BELUGA, is usually installed higher in the channel. Therefore it is not impacted by water charged with debris and with a high turbidity. For those conditions, the non-contact radar sensor measures the flow velocity.


  • No flow data missed
  • Level threshold-based algorithm
  • Gradual mix of velocity data
  • Maintain strong accuracy across hydraulic range
  • Option to integrate Q/H curve
  • New FUZION software
  • Large sewer channels
  • Capacity studies
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) studies
  • Inflow & infiltrations studies
  • High velocity flows
  • Discharge
  • Flow to treatment
  • Discharge
  • Plant effluent
  • Storm discharge
  • Process flow control
  • Plant effluent
  • Process waste water
  • Flows with high solid contents
  • Industrial compliance monitoring
  • Caustic & corrosive flows
  • Storm water monitoring & compliance
  • Climate & hydraulic engineering
  • Storm water basins calculations
  • Permanent measurements of surface water

Hybrid flowmeter for large sewer channels

Permanent flow monitoring (overflow & billing) of complex sewage collecting systems

Wastewater Treatment Plants - Hybrid solution

Installation of a system at the inlet of a wastewater treatment plant, between regulating valves and screw pumps. The flow is therefore controlled upstream and downstream.

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