Portable Flow-through Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor

The SEWER-MAG is an insertable full bore electromagnetic flowmeter sensor. It ensures extremely accurate flow measurements even under difficult flow conditions. The SEWER-MAG is usually temporarily installed in sewer networks to verify or calibrate existing flow meters.

The inflatable flow-trough plug forces the water through the measuring tube, which is maintained full with specific designed outlet elbow. The flow-through plug creates a straight section (3x the pipe diameter) upstream the measuring point and the outlet has a length of 2x the pipe diameter downstream.

The SEWER-MAG is combined with a converter that is main powered (AC or DC).

Even the best open channel flowmeter installed in a sewer pipe needs to be checked or calibrated from time to time. This is a complicated task to achieve and the Sewer-Mag provides a good solution for such cases:

  • When the pipe is large and the level of the liquid flowing is over 150 to 200 mm, usually a velocity profile taken with an electromagnetic water velocity meter associated to a ruler level measurement gives one of the best flow references.
  • When the pipe is small with low levels and/or high velocities the velocity profile technique is not suitable anymore. The SEWER-MAG however allows a perfect measurement over several hours to a day. Long-term measurements are not suggested as the measuring tube can fill with debris.

The SEWER-MAG can however be installed for permanent flow measurement of raw water.

  • Insertable flowmeter
  • Easy installation, can be installed by one person
  • No field calibration needed
  • For pipe sizes from DN150 to DN600
  • High accuracy
  • Verification & calibration of open channel flowmeters (Radar or Doppler)
  • Sanitary sewer evaluation studies
  • Collection system
  • Capacity studies
  • Combined sewer overflows (CSO)
  • Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Studies
  • Billing / custody transfer
  • Plant effluent

SEWER-MAG - Technical Specifications - EN Rev 05-2016

Datasheet / Technical Specifications: SEWER-MAG insertable full bore electromagnetic flow meter sensor

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