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Hybrid flow meter for large sewer channels

Permanent flow monitoring (overflow & billing) of complex sewage collecting systems
Hybrid flow meter for large sewer channels

Hybrid flow meter (non-contact radar & ultrasonic transit-time)


  • The SBGE manages the sewage network, the rain water basins and the wastewater treatment plants of the greater area of Brussels. Brussels-Capital Region is subdivided in 19 municipalities with a total population of 1.200.000 inhabitants


  • Complex combined sewer collecting systems, used as storm water reservoirs during rain events. During these events, the flow rate increases dramatically and the collectors get filled with combined sewage & raw water
  • Collector diameters from DN 1.800 mm to DN 2.500
  • Custody transfer flow meters requiring extreme reliability and very good proven accuracy over a wide range of flow rates (data used for billing)
  • Channels have low discharge levels with high velocity during dry weather conditions


  • Installation of hybrid area/velocity flowmeters associating non-contact ultrasonic and hydrostatic pressure sensor for level with non-contact radar and ultrasonic transit-time for velocity (combined RAVEN-EYE & FLO-SONIC system)
  • Collected data is transmitted in real time using modern GPRS data loggers allowing remote flow data analysis and data download trough a central system
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