Open Channel Ultrasonic Digital Doppler Flow Meter Sensor

The BELUGATM is the newest ultrasonic Doppler area/velocity flow meter sensor for open channel flow measurements from Flow-Tronic.

The BELUGATM combines most advanced utrasonic Doppler velocity sensing with most modern and powerful digital DSP processor technology resulting in more representative velocity data. This advanced architecture of the BELUGATM provides users desiring in-depth analysis with:

  • Real-time spectral analysis of the velocity distribution through the cross-sectional area
  • Measurement validation through quality parameters
  • Auto-diagnostic tools


Combine the BELUGATM with an IFQ MONITOR for stationary flow monitoring or with an IFQ LOGGER for portable/temporary flow monitoring.



  • Improved accuracy due to digital spectral analysis of the velocity distribution
  • Easy integration with existing SCADA or telemetry systems
  • Embedded RS485 communication port with Modbus ASCII protocol
  • Straight 4-20 mA output for velocity
  • ERTACETAL outer shell with epoxy potting within
  • IP68 enclosure
  • Available in 2 versions: 20° and 45°



Sewer/Channel Networks Monitoring

  • Sewer evaluation studies
  • Capacity studies
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) studies
  • Inflow & infiltration studies
  • Discharge
  • Billing / custody transfer


Industry & Hydropower

  • Plant effluent
  • Process waste water
  • Industrial compliance monitoring

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