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FLO-TRACER Dilution Flowmeter

Hand-held dye-dilution open channel flowmeter

The FLO-TRACER is a hand-held dye-dilution open channel flowmeter for:

  • creeks
  • rivers
  • irrigation channels
  • clean and waste water
  • sewer pipes



Stream gauging using the tracer-dilution methods has been known for at least one century. Two methods, the constant rate injection and the slug injection of tracer are used.
Up to now the tracer-dilution technique has been avoided because of the complexity of the flow rate determination. Samples had to be taken at the measuring point and carried to laboratories for exact determination of tracer concentration.
The FLO-TRACERTM eliminates all this using sensitive probe connected to a field instrument calculating the flow rate on site.
The FLO-TRACERTM is lightweight, very accurate and extremely easy to use.
The operator can virtually make no mistake influencing the flow rate measurement !

Principle of operation

The selected tracer NaCl (kitchen salt) has been chosen because it is easy to find, very inexpensive, easily soluble in water and does no harm the environment.
A small quantity of tracer is introduced to the flow upstream the measuring point. At the measuring point, the FLO-TRACERTM measures and records the salt cloud passing by the sensor. When the FLO-TRACERTM detects the end of the cloud, it tells the operator to stop the measurement and instantaneously indicates the flow rate.

Features and benefits

FLO-TRACERTM is extremely easy to use. By measuring the flow rate of a river stream or sewer pipe the operator can virtually make no mistakes on site. A small quantity of salt is injected in one time and the sensor measures the salt cloud at a measuring point when the tracer is completely mixed with the water.

FLO-TRACERTM tells the user when the salt cloud reaches the sensor and when the salt cloud passed the sensor.
The unit indicates the flow rate on site.
A windows software allows date retrieval for visualization of the salt cloud allowing an immediate detection of any problem with a specific measurement.

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