Flo-Pipe 180

Full Pipe 1" Electromagnetic Flow (Velocity) Sensor For Clear Water


The Flo-Pipe 180 single point EM (velocity) flow sensor is a 1 inch insertion sensor designed to be positioned at 1/8 diameter, the theoretical average velocity position, or any calculated average velocity position after a site calibration.

The model FLO-PIPE 180 has to be installed without pressure in the pipe. Once installed it is rated until PN16. The model Flo-Pipe 181 can be installed under pressure using hot tapping tools.

The model FLO-PIPE 180 is for clean water application containing no fibres, which would hang on the inserted sensor. For waste water applications use the SPI-Mag 1" or SPI-Mag 2".

Body material is stainless steel 304 (316 optional), lining material is PTFE. Electrode material is stainless steel 316, other on request. The sensor can be supplied in separate or compact version with one of the 4 standard electronics: Mobile-Mag, ML110, ML210, and the fully Lithium battery operated ML 250 with 5 to 10 years battery life.

Key Features:

  • Insertion sensor
  • Low cost solution
  • PFTE lining


  • Irrigation
  • HVAC
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