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Weather balloons

Our weather balloons are manufactured by Totex Corporation in Japan.

TOTEX Corporation commenced the manufacturing of meteorological balloons in 1937. The company pioneered the successful development of the mold rotation system of manufacturing meteorological balloons in 1940 and continues to manufacture its products today employing the same process. The mold containing the latex mixture is rotated to form multilayered and extremely thin film to produce a strong and uniform thickness and also form maximum performance balloons. The company is therefore confident that the mold rotation system is the most appropriate manufacturing method known today for meteorological balloons.

The most distinguished policy characteristic of our company lies in the fact that the company confines its manufacturing to order production. Each and every one of the balloons at every stage of production, are subjected to constant and severe controls and inspection, and from every production lot, samples are selected at random and subjected to bursting tests prior to shipment.

TA - Type (Natural latex)

This balloon was developed in the 1940's and is made from a natural latex compound which is highly elastic and tear resistant. Physical properties are retained at extremely low temperatures and the latex compound contains additives which contribute to its resistance to oxidation and ozone. The robustness of the rubber film allows the fully inflated balloon to maintain its spherical shape making it particularly suitable for severe weather launches.

TX - Type Special Latex Compound

The TX Type balloon was first developed in 1988 and research continues in seeking a special latex compound with other chemicals which permits balloons to reach the Tropopause where temperatures are lower than -75 degrees celcius and altitudes exceed 10 hPA.


Totex balloons are manufactured using the "rotation" system, a procedure which produces a "jointless" balloon. Body and neck are formed as one piece giving extra strength and easier handling during high winds or severe weather.
The rotation process also means balloons are spherical in shape at inflation. This gives consistant ascent rates under all conditions and enables the balloons to reach their specified altitudes.

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