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Radar reflectors

The reflector consists of 3 square surfaces of double faced cardboard with aluminum foil. Each surface is 600 x 600 mm big.

Dimensions : 3 square surfaces of 600 x 600 mm

Packing : 20 à 25 pieces in one carton measuring 660 x 660 x 200 mm

Before use, the reflector is opened and the caps at superior and inferior ends are fixed with staples. You have then the exact figure of the reflector (see enclosure). In fact this represents three quadrangular reflecting surfaces of 600 x 600 mm inserted on their diagonals. An integrated cord is used to fix it to the balloon.

In case of order a serie of pictures explaining the mounting procedure may be sent by e-mail.

These reflectors are suitable for radar frequency of 5,7 GHz as well as 9,2 GHz (this frequency is i.e. used by the Austrian Weather Service). The reflector is suitable for a tracking up to 36 km and 100 km slant distance. A height of 45 km has been succesfully tested, but without further confirmation and repeatability.

Delivery time : approx. 2-3 weeks for 200 pieces and 5-6 weeks for 1000 pieces.

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