Slowing down the sonde after balloon bursting.
Available models :

  • PL 4 - R.95.06.23
  • PL 4 - R.52.06.20
  • PL 4 - X.95.08.0
  • PL 4 - X.52.08.0

The models are different from each others through the dimension of the dome and from the presence of a ring.

The models with ring are used when there is a certain distance between the parachute and the radar reflector. This guarantees a correct and sure opening of the parachute (i.e. in Germany at DWD and Army). The models without ring are used when the parachute is fixed directly above the radar reflector. This process guarantees also an excellent opening of the parachute (in Austria).

All parachutes are made of LD-PE blades, thickness 75 µm, colour : red orange corresponding to RAL 2002.

PL4 - R.95.06.23
height 95 cm, with 6 ropes and ring, 140 g
PL4 - R.52.06.20 height 52 cm, with 6 ropes and ring, 50 g
PL4 - X.95.08.0 height 95 cm, with 8 ropes and without ring, 130 g
PL4 - X.52.08.0 height 52 cm, with 8 ropes and without ring, 46 g


Carton of 50 x 25 x 25 cm containing 100 or 200 pieces (following model).
Weight : approx. 15 kg./carton.

Delivery time

For small quantities : 4-6 weeks. For quantities superior to 1000 pieces : 6 weeks for 1000, and 4 more weeks for 1000 others, etc.

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