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Project Stratos-Sphere

The project Stratos-Sphere is a photographic fine-art project imagined, created and executed by the Belgian professional photographer Edouard Janssens. The aim was to capture the curvature of the earth and the thin atmosphere we’re living in, from the best possible point of view, at 33.000 meters altitude, deep into the stratosphere.
Project Stratos-Sphere

earth stratosphere

Project description

  • TA-1500 meteorological balloon filled with helium (with all legal, official authorizations and insurance policy) is launched.
  • A protection box with cameras for pictures and video is suspended under the balloon.
  • Cameras are programmed to take pictures every 7 seconds, during 2.5 hours.
  • The balloon flies up to an altitude of 33 km , deep into the stratosphere, where it is bursting after 1.5 hour.
  • A parachute fixed between the balloon and the box, slows the capsule down back to earth during a 1 hour descent.
  • Three handy phones and a satellite tracking device inside the box helped recover the whole train, 2,5 hours later, within a 50 to 100 km radius from the launching base.
  • Captured pictures and film are of an excellent exploitable quality.
  • We have an exclusive picture of the balloon bursting quite never seen before.


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